International Journal of Geography

International Journal of Geography (IJG) (ISSN: 2077-4524) is published by ISLAMIC WORLD Network for Environmental Science and Technology (IWNEST Publisher). International journal of geography (IJG) is an international scientific journal edited and published by IWNEST publications, Jordan. (International journal of geography) exists to publish results of research in all area of scientific. Papers are welcomed from both developed and developing countries describing original investigations of interest to those engaged in scientific research. The material should not have been previously published elsewhere. Review articles on a particularly hot subject may be suggested to the editor-in-chief. Book reviews, news of international meetings and activities, letters to the editors and editorial notes will also be published at the editors’ discretion


The journal is published monthly and covers all areas of the subject.

University of Isfahan

Journal of Urban-Regional Studies and Research is published quarterly focusing on contemporary research in the fields of urban and regional studies and presents high quality research articles of particular interest to academics and policy makers in the fields of Geography, Planning, Urban Studies and Regional Studies.
URS is a highly ranked, peer reviewed journal, which provides an original contribution to academic and policy debate related to processes of urban and regional development and explores the ways in which place, space and scale make a difference to the cultural, economic, social and political map. The journal publishes peer reviewed original academic papers of around 8000 words that address key policy developments or political events that affect urban and regional development.