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“Help us to take up Researcher, Scholars, Academicians to generate the research related skills and qualities. The ultimate and concrete aim of our publication is to create awareness about educational research and new ideas in teaching learning process. We also want to create platform for sharing quality work of research”


International Journal Foundation ( is mainly built for research community in the world. At present within the research sector more than 70% of the experiments are failed due to unsuccessful presentation of their respective discoveries. As a result, their discovery is going to be wipe off from the world research community. The number is now increasing day by day. The main objective of our organization is to publishing , presenting and establish there valuable discoveries to the world research community. As a platform for global academic communication, the quality of journals has always an aspect attracting much of our attention.

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African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation & Development (AJSTID) is a multidiscipline journal covering economics, science, engineering, and technology, but with the core focus on economics of innovation and development. AJSTID provides an important outlet to research on process and impact of science, technology and innovation at two levels: the narrow objective of achieving industrial growth, and the broader objective of achieving socio-economic development, particularly in Africa and other developing economies.

AJSTID aims to undertaking and promoting the scientific research in a broader sense. It provides an outlet for research works by scientists, academia, engineers, practitioners, doctoral scholars and post graduate students concerned with the impact of science, technology and innovation process on industrial, economic, and social development. AJSTID brings Publishing to the doorstep of every emerging researcher in Africa and other developing countries.

All submitted manuscripts should be original and previously unpublished and are subject to initial appraisal. If found suitable for further consideration, manuscripts will be sent for peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees. AJSTID follows the double blind review system. However, peer review is single blind in some exceptional cases, such as highly specialized scientific papers.


Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Journal of Social Sciences Institute is a refereed journal that published biannually (June – December) since 2016. Our journal is open to all kinds of articles and book reviews on the study of social sciences.


Electronic scientific multidisciplinary Journal “Bulletin of Science and Practice” is an open access journal.
All materials published on the conditions
on the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Open access implies that the authors provide the results of their research (in the form of a full–text version of a scientific article) for wide distribution free of charge through any media.
The basic mission of the Journal: the publication articles of high–quality and scientific values.
The Journal task is not only to selection and research coverage in the pages of our Journal, but also the distribution of all published materials for a wide range of readers.
For this we include the Journal in Russian and foreign libraries and databases.
Also, the editorial staff and the Publishers is making every effort to improve the quality of publications and technical materials handling Journal.
“Bulletin of Science and Practice” published articles of high quality, reflecting modern scientific research. The basis of the policy of the journal is the principle of openness of publication for authors and readers.

El Periplo Sustentable
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Revista especializada en Turismo relacionando temas como competitividad, desarrollo de destinos turísticos y sustentabilidad.

El Periplo Sustentable

Es una publicación semestral arbitrada e indizada, de carácter científico, especializada en tópicos relacionados con el turismo y la sustentabilidad, competitividad y desarrollo.

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Elixir is a refereed / peer-reviewed International Journal (Formerly Elixir Online Journal) with ISSN 2229-712X.It is an open access journal that publishes high-quality research articles, all areas of Social-science, Arts, science and technology.The Journal welcomes the submission of articles that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. All article submissions are subject to anonymous review (double blind model). All accepted articles will be published approximately one month from the date of submission.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Journal (ISSN: 2310-0079, 2311-1836) is a quarterly journal (February, May, August, November) that bridges the gap between the theory and practice of organizing imagination and innovation. The journal’s central consideration is how to challenge and facilitate creative potential, and how then to imbed this into result oriented innovative business development. The creativity of individuals, coupled with structured and well-managed innovation projects, create a sound base from which organizations may operate effectively within their inter-organisational and societal environment. Today, successful operations must go hand in hand with the ability to anticipate future opportunities. Therefore, a cultural focus and inspiring leadership are as crucial to an organization’s success, as efficient structural arrangements and support facilities.


Indian Journal of Society and Politics is an international, peer reviewed, bi annual, bilingual, multidisciplinary research journal covering all areas of Social Science and Humanities. This journal aims to promote all areas of the Social Science and Humanities particularly in developing countries. The scope of this journal is therefore necessarily broad to cover the recent innovations in Social Science and Humanistic field. It offers valuable opportunity of rapid publication of research papers, and article related to any aspect of Hindi, English, Sanskrit, History, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Geography, Political Science, Military Science, Commerce and Management etc, Original Research Papers, Short Communications, Review Articles, Articles of current issues, and book reviews are invited for publication. The Journal will be regularly published and issued biannually.