The Inspira Research Association is an organization of academicians, professionals and researchers. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of research in the fields of management, commerce, economics, taxation, finance and computer science etc. The Association regularly publishes research journals (INSPIRA-JMME i.e. Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship); (INSPIRA-JCECS i.e. Journal of Commerce, Economics and Computer Science) and reference books in the above areas and fields. Both the Journals are Quarterly Double Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed Journals. In future, it intends to publish some more research journals including international journals, reference books and to organise national and international conferences, seminars etc.


IIJEGS is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal intended for professionals and researchers in all fields of Education and General Studies.
IIJEGS is designed for the prompt publication of peer-reviewed articles in all areas of the subject. The journal articles are accessible freely online.
Original Research articles, case study, short communications, symposia proceedings and review articles are accepted for publication.


The aim of the Research journal is to promote research activities and provide original, relevant and timely information in different fields of education. It will focus on the use of latest media/ technologies in distance learning and implementation and integration of new technologies in distance teaching learning. The journal is available to all practitioners and researchers who are interested in publishing their research work in Distance Education and E-Learning.


The journal is published monthly and covers all areas of the subjec


The journal seeks scholarly manuscripts that address one or the other aspects of the discipline of educational sciences along with their interfaces. The journal publishes basic, applied, and methodologically oriented research from all these areas. The journal publishes original papers on current research and practical programmes, short notes, news items, book reviews, reports of meetings and professional announcements. Constructive criticisms and discussions of published papers and letters of relevance and interest to the readership will be published at the discretion of the Managing Editor. The journal is committed to prompt review, and priority publication is given to manuscripts with novel or timely findings, and to manuscripts of unusual interests. The researchers are invited to submit original papers in English (papers published elsewhere or under consideration elsewhere shall not be submitted).


The Journal aims to publish quality material that contributes to accumulate dynamic knowledge which is able to revitalize and foster the research and development carried out in different disciplines. IJIFR brings into the world the understanding of various faculties in one platform to have access to accurate information and new innovations & provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference purposes. Its multidisciplinary approach is deliberate to bring the worldwide eminent intellectuals on one platform to illumine the world of knowledge. The journal follows a Blind-Review Peer Review System in order to bring in a high-quality intellectual platform for researchers across the world thereby bringing in total transparency in its journal review system. It delivers eventual platform in order to have genuine, speculative, knowledgeable research which has the visualization to understand fact-finding experiences that describes significant developments of changing global scenarios. IJIFR provide access not only to ultimate research resources, but through its high-quality professionals are ambitious to bring in a significant transformation in the dominion of open access journals and online publishing which the globe is observing nowadays.

there is no print version of the journal.

International Journal of innovative Research in Education (IJIRE) is a multidisciplinary journal of innovative research in education. It is an online open access journal that aims to promote new innovative ideas in all fields of education, and publish manuscripts both in English and Turkish Languages. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must be original and follow the criteria and the style of the journal to both reviewing and editing.

there is no print version of the journal.

International Journal of Learning and Teaching (IJLT) is an international, multi-disciplinary and double blind peer-reviewed journal. IJLT provides a platform for the publication of the most advanced scientific research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching. The journal welcomes original empirical investigations. The papers may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches. They may refer to any age level, from infants to adults and to a diversity of learning and instructional settings, from laboratory experiments to field studies. The major criteria in the review and the selection process concern the significance of the contribution to the area of learning and teaching. IJLT covers all aspects of education; trends in education, the emerging and educational settings, instructional design, learning-teaching methods and applications, instructional multimedia, new education environments, theoretical principles, assessment and evaluation and related fields. The manuscripts should not be published and should not be in the process of publication in elsewhere. The submitted manuscripts for IJLT would be subjected to double blind-review process.


mother, child and education


The Iranian Journal of Sociology of Education is a peer-reviewed journal which known as a leading journal in Iran for the dissemination of research education in general and for scholarly discussion in sociology of education in Particular. IJSE aims to Promote and report research and scholarship in education and related fields.