Art History

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Global Journal of Arts Education is an international peer-refereed journal that provides an international form for research in the field of the art and creative education.The journal welcomes from a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to research, and encourages submissions from the broader fields of education and the arts that are related with learning and teaching through creative art education.


South Asian Journal of Tourism & Heritage (SAJTH) focuses on exploring the many facets of one of the most notable and widespread types of tourism. Tourism & Heritage is among the very oldest forms of travel as such, this form of tourism dominates the industry in many parts of the world and involves millions of people.During the past few decades, the study of tourism has become highly fragmented and specialized into various theme areas, or concentrations. This academic attention has resulted in the publication of hundreds of referred articles in various scholarly media, yet, until now there has been no journal devoted specifically to tourism & heritage issues.The material published in SAJTH covers all scientific, conceptual and applied disciplines related to tourism, travel, hospitality and leisure, including: economics, management, planning and development, ecology and environment marketing, human resources, sociology, psychology, geography, information and communication technologies, transportation, service quality, finance, food and beverage, and education.