International Journal of Economic Papers

United Arab Emirates

The International Journal of Economic Papers is dedicated to encouraging thoughtful and scholarly attention to a very broad range of subjects that concern the relation to international economic activity.

Areas Covered in the Journal:

• Economics and Economic Growth Issues

• Finance and Banking

• Econometric Applications

• Time Series Econometrics

• Cross-section Data Econometrics

• Panel Data Econometrics

• Financial Econometrics

• Regional Economics

• International Trade and Development

• Development Economics

• Tourism Economics

• Business Economics

• Public Economics and Public Policy

• Public Finance

• International Finance

• History of Economic Thought

• Schools of Economics

•Business studies, ethics

•Education issues, entrepreneurship, electronic markets

•Services, strategic alliances


•Behavioral and health economics

•Government regulation, taxation, law issues


•Financial markets, investment theories, banking

•International economics, FDI

•Economic development, system dynamics

•Environmental studies, urban issues, emerging markets

•Empirical studies, quantitative/experimental methods

The journal follows double blind peer review process. Manuscripts submitted by authors will be evaluated on Editorial Manager System by Editors & reviewers of particular expertise in the same field to ensure that the published articles are of high quality with accurate and reliable information & data, which reflect solid scholarship. Editors can manage the whole submission, review, revision and publishing process, however at least two independent reviewer’s approval followed by the Editor is required for the acceptance of any citable manuscript.

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International Journal of Economic Papers